I could tell you that my name is Jacquie and I’m in my mid-twenties living in NYC.

I could tell you that I graduated from American University in 2010 with a degree in Public Communication and Business Administration, but have yet to use it in my career path, much to my dad’s chagrin.

I could also tell you that I have the biggest sweet tooth and one day would love to open my own old school soda fountain-like place with miniature desserts, cookies and homemade ice cream…

…on the flip side, health is very important to me and in terms of savory things, you’ll always find me with a lot of fresh produce from the farmer’s markets.

While that sums me up, I thought we could make this more fun so let’s play a game, shall we?

I believe that when you can’t find a good answer to “why not?” you should just do it.

I believe that chocolate can cure all.

I [also] believe that yoga, walking miles around the city and a sweaty CoreFusion class are the perfect balance to that chocolate.

I believe [or rather, I know] that when I’m stressed, you’ll find me in the kitchen baking cookies or trying out a new savory recipe for there’s something comforting knowing that a recipe you created will always turn out correctly.

I [don’t] believe in diets and luckily, have no food restrictions. However, I do believe that you are what you eat and that you should fuel yourself with the best food possible so I eat in a very vegetable-focused manner… with a side of butter and sugar.

I believe that you can meet some of the best people and forge some of the greatest relationship with the vendors at the farmer’s market. I have met friends and have gotten jobs due to this. Plus, it’s fun to truly know where your food is coming from.

I believe that even if something doesn’t work, you can learn great things from the experience and the people in it. I went to the Culinary Institute of America for 7 months, did half of their Baking and Pastry program and worked at Gramercy Tavern for a month as an internship. I had to stop the program for medical reasons, but I’m still great friends with many people I met during that time… and in the process of completing a culinary program at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

I believe that being beautiful is all about the confidence you have and the respect you give yourself.

I believe in laughing until it hurts and having random dance parties on a normal basis… but then I guess they’re not random, are they?

and I believe that life is all about the sweetest little things…