by sweetonwallstreet

Have you ever had a significant other/family member/friend make you feel like you’re competing for their time? Have they made you feel like you need to lose weight/gain weight/ look different? Have you felt not good enough? Have you given up your dreams for someone else’s?

Unfortunately, the reality is many of us have felt those feelings. Katie is also feeling these emotions from her rockstar boyfriend.  For every emotion, she draws a superhero for part of her comic strip who would ultimately win the situation she’s facing. But when after a break-up and a reconcilation, Katie stops drawing to focus on her boyfriend. The “chix” she’s drawn don’t want to disappear so they team together to not only get Katie to keep their comic strip, but to find a piece of each of them in her to shine.

The show is uplifting, fun and leaves the audience singing along with the songs with a big smile on their face. While it sounds cliche, being a part of this musical, this story, this movement has changed my life in a very short time. I’m beyond excited to be a part of such a wonderful thing that will hopefully be making it’s successful Broadway debut next season. Through some serendipitous events, connecting with people and the right timing, I’ve been able to use my background in body image and love for children to fundraise for a great cause.

But now you may be asking why I’m fundraising for a musical? Because the show’s message is to empower Katie (and the audience) to live her best life and not give up on her dreams, not everyone has that support or a way to express themselves so we’re creating The Lightning Girl Fun-dation. Through this program, we will go into local schools with a variety of arts classes from dancing, drawing, singing and writing to their creativity and love themselves in the process.

While Chix6 is in it’s developmental run at The Queen’s Theatre this month, we are teaming up with ASTEP as our fiscal sponsor to help us set up the program before getting our non-profit status, but still need outside support. If you love the arts, children or just want to help empower the younger generation, please check out our First Giving page made by yours truly. It will explain the program in more detail and if you feel like donating, great and if you don’t, fine, but please spread the message and don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about it.

If you’re in the NYC area, tickets can be found here if you’d like to see it’s developmental run. I promise you won’t be disappointed!