what happened to your blog?

by sweetonwallstreet

You know when people ask you that, you’ve been away for a while. Actually it’s been exactly 23 days. Three weeks, 2 days.

While many start by saying they’re sorry, or more recently telling you that they’re not sorry, I’m just going to tell you that between being sick and riding the momentum I’ve had with job prospects and projects, I’ve been going with the flow and grateful that everything I’ve been hoping for for the last year is finally happening.

Food + Me = Bad news

When I first stopped blogging, I was sick. Not like a cold sick, but a “stomach bug- feeling bloated after eating anything- nothing staying down or sounding appealing” kind of sick. I didn’t want to look or even think of food, which obviously wasn’t helping this forum. Luckily, my favorite juice store helped me start to feel better with their amazing juices and smoothies, giving my digestive system a break, but also getting the nutrients I needed. Thank you Juice Press!

10th anniversary of September 11th

This was an emotional time for not only New Yorkers, but the whole country. We were all affected that day from losing someone you loved to feeling the terror of not being safe in your home country.

I live very close to the site so I pay tributes regularly to what happened. Even after 10 years and living here for 1, I still get chills when I walk by, especially at night. Because this is a normal occurrence, when my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Cape Cod to get out of the city for a long weekend, I immediately said yes.

Cape Cod is my favorite place as I grew up spending my whole summers there at my grandparents house. It’s safe, it’s familiar, it’s comforting so to be there on such an emotional weekend was a relief. It also made me reflect on this past year (I moved up on September 11, 2010) and create goals for the next year.

Back to school

That’s right, I started school again part-time. I literally came home from Cape Cod, unpacked, went to an interview, went to orientation, repacked and left for my parent’s house for the weekend. While I wanted to just drive all the way home with them, I started at the Natural Gourmet Institute that night.

Yes, I’ve been to culinary school before and while I can’t believe I’m back, I’m so excited for this program and what I’m going to learn. I’ll always be a dessert-focused girl. It’s just me. Starting to bake a honey date cake at 9 last night just because I wanted to experiment is a prime example. However, this program will round out my education while giving me that health aspect I’ve wanted to pursue after my independent study. I had looked at Public Health graduate programs, but I didn’t want to approach people from a textbook perspective, but a food perspective- something they can grasp, hold and learn. The goal is to teach and private chef in the future so as long as I remember the goal, bring on all the knife cuts!

Dessert table 

So not even 24 hours after I came back from the Cape, I was on a train back home for a friend’s wedding. One of my dear friend’s from the CIA was getting married close to my hometown so not only was I able to stay and see my parents and friends, but it made creating this table easier.

That’s my first formal dessert table. Unfortunately, the picture isn’t the best since I forgot my camera (dope!), but made friends with the photographer who will give me the beautiful pictures he took of it which I will share. Because of my pastry and event planning experience, I’ve always looked up to Amy Atlas, who is the queen of dessert tables, and was excited to do this for Mariely and Tim’s special day.

Thankfully it was a hit… whew!

Chix 6

Lastly, but certainly not the least, I’ve been involved with a musical that will hit Broadway next season and couldn’t be more excited and proud of the work we’re doing. I’m going to write a post specifically for this, but just for more information, you can look here for what it’s all about. I’m not singing (thankfully) or dancing, but as I’ll highlight later, I’m working to create the Lightning Girl Fun-dation, a foundation and program the show is starting to empower kids through the arts. Chix6 is all about women’s empowerment, not letting a guy take any dream away and staying true to yourself. Many of us have had issues with body image and self confidence in the past and this show is trying to change how we talk about it and talk to ourselves.

Truly powerful and something I’m so proud of.

Are you still reading? If you are, I’m impressed and I promise I’ll repay you with a honey cake recipe tomorrow.

I’m sorry it was so long, but that’s the momentum I was talking about. This year has been full of ups and downs for me. Sometimes I’m on cloud 9 and the next, I hate this city down to my core. It’s NYC. It’s not easy. But it’s also a place where if you stick it out, your dreams can truly come alive because this place creates opportunities and situations you’d never find anywhere else.