taza chocolate covered hazelnuts

by sweetonwallstreet

Any vices I have, usually are in the form of food.

Ok, maybe that’s not true, but what is true is that these little nuts are definitely a downfall.

A crunchy, more nutritious and whole food version of Nutella, this can has 8 servings in it. I never get more than 3 though…


If you want to join me in this bliss, visit Taza Chocolate to get more information on their stone-ground practices and how you can take a tour of their facility if you live or are visiting Somerville, MA, which I still need to do myself. You can also order online!

If you live in NYC, you can purchase their chocolate and nuts at Steve’s Ice Cream store, Bklyn Larder, the New Amsterdam Market every Sunday at South Street Seaport from 11-4 pm among other locations found here.