how to: make an easy meal + garden green rice

by sweetonwallstreet

Sometimes the easiest dishes are the ones that bring us the most comfort and flavor. If you’ve been following my tweets lately, you’ve seen that I haven’t been feeling too well due to a stomach bug and allergies. Topped with a lot of life changes going on right now, my appetite has been everywhere and there have literally been days where I’ve stared into the refrigerator and nothing has sounded appealing. Food not being exciting to me… well it’s just plain odd, let me tell you.

Along with cooking up a bunch of vegetables in preparation for the next week on Wednesday after getting my CSA box, I like to cook up at least one bulk grain and protein source (usually in the form of a bean). This prep work makes healthy meals easy to make up not only for busy days, but for days when cooking just isn’t a priority. Unfortunately, the latter has been true lately and because of weekend preparation, this gem came to be.

A diced zucchini, a big handful of corn, and half of a roasted pepper, chopped, mixed wonderfully with the seasoned, nutty brown rice. Add some more vegetable stock and you can make it more like soup. Add some beans or shredded chicken to increase the protein. Add creamy goat cheese or nutritional yeast for a creamy component. Add some pesto and lemon zest for a herb brightness or tomato sauce for a hearty italian style meal. Add and subtract to your hearts content, but 1 grain, 1 protein and some vegetables, now that’s a meal anyone can make 🙂