the calm before the storm

by sweetonwallstreet

Living downtown made this weekend an adventure. Neighboring buildings were in the evacuation- literally my back door was zone A- and thoughts of possible power outages made me bake in a frenzy.

Before the rain started last night, my roommate and I went walking around to take some pictures documenting the calm before the storm so to speak. It was extremely humid- I felt like we were in the Caribbean so the curls were definitely coming out- and very quiet, but in more of a peaceful way.

At least our investments are safe... the Stock Exchange

All transportation closed at noon.

The bull was ready for Irene! (with it being so quiet, it definitely made for a good picture without tourists)

The AP getting the news out to the other stations from Battery Park City

In case you didn't know... things are closed because of the hurricane.

For my parents: my dad, who loves roses, and my mom, who loves taking pictures of them 🙂

I've never seen NYC silent.

I couldn't but take this picture for its irony.

Luckily Water Street is not under water like it could have been. The spiraling pole behind it was from the news van covering a story.

I’ll post pictures later show you some of the aftermath, but luckily the eye went right over us so it was a lot calmer than it could have been 🙂