the aftermath

by sweetonwallstreet

As I said earlier today, the eye hit us directly so the damage that could have been, luckily wasn’t. There was some flooding, but by the morning, most places in the city had retreated. Transportation will be the one thing that may take longer to get back together as flooding waters underground are not good for the system and there was more damage in the outlying areas of Jersey, Long Island and Staten Island. For that reason, we’re happy we stayed since worst-case scenario is that we’ll just get more exercise getting to places the next day or so, but still able to keep our schedules. Like yesterday, we went out late morning to go see the neighborhood before coming back and breaking into the hurricane brownie stash I made in fear that the power would go out. You can never be too prepared 😉

These stairs were underwater last night. All clean now with the Brooklyn Bridge is standing straight in the background.

This two was flooded last night. You could see the news crews wrapping up exhausted.

Gone fishing?

One of many puddles... splish...


Some trees have collapsed, but luckily none in the area hurt anything in it's path down.

But the extra rain has definitely made everything more green 🙂

One World Trade Tower with the crane still intact. The memorial will still open on time for the anniversary in 2 weeks.

Now who wants brownies? Recipe coming tomorrow!