by sweetonwallstreet

For someone who has been naturally dehydrated for most of her life (I don’t crave water, I’m weird like that) and thus, uses a water bottle to count the number of cups of water she gets a day…

I have never stored this much water in my life. That’s 18 quart containers of water, my friends, and should get me through the week if need be.

To all my friends and family along the east coast, stay safe! Luckily, I haven’t had to evacuate, even though the street right behind us has, and live with my best friend who I consider family. We made our prep list (which you can see below), checked it off and as long as the three of us (her dog makes three) are together, we’ll be fine.

Ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter crispy bars help too 😉


In all seriousness, here’s a list that my roommate and I did to make sure we’re both comfortable in a worst-case scenario:

1. Have a battery powered radio and flashlights WITH extra batteries. It was weird when I went to buy a new flashlight, I got one of the last ones; however, batteries were plentiful. Buy them too! If it’s your main power source, you’ll be happy you did.

2. Buy water! They say to have 2 gallons per person per day for 5 days. Ok, so obviously I don’t have enough water for myself for more than 2 days technically but let’s not talk about that. With water being one of the first things to go, buy it quickly or figure out a way to store it. I had a bunch of restaurant quart containers so I just used my water filter and filled them up. Cheap and easy. Filling your bathtub is recommended too (after you clean it obviously) since that water could be used for the toilet, cooking or drinking if needed.

3. Think about how you eat and plan accordingly. My roommate and I eat very differently with me heavy on produce. If our electricity goes out, I may have to throw some things away but we’ll also keep the door closed as much as possible.

Despite that, I also made sure I had some of my favorite things that would get me through meals without power. That includes peanut butter, spiced nuts, dates (I love these filled with peanut butter), beans, grains (bulger can just eaten raw after being soaked in water for about 30 minutes. I also made a quart of brown rice.) and pantry stable vegetables like tomatoes, avocadoes, peaches, plums and apricots. Lettuce can be washed ahead of time and stored either in your salad spinner for paper towels in a plastic bag too so making a salad isn’t hard in low light.

4. Get cash just in case. I hadn’t thought of this, but if the power goes out, so do ATMs and credit cards. Now most things are also closed around here, but just in case of an emergency, it’s better to have a safety fund.

5. Along with the above, in a plastic baggie, make sure you have all of your informations regarding yourself such as insurance cards, renter’s insurance, any IDs, your lease, photos of your place, etc. It’s best to carry these on you and in plastic, they’ll be safe.

6. Charge all of your electronics like your cell phone, laptop, etc. and a back-up battery if you have one.

7. If necessary, tape your windows, remove pictures and other knick knacks from places that could fall or rattle. Both the windows in our apartment are in my room so last night I packed up the things on my shelves, sills and desk that could be a problem if anything happened to the windows. Unlikely but if you hadn’t noticed yet, I’m type-A and prepare for the worse (but hope for the best!).

8. Be with friends or family. With a storm like this and not knowing how the city will react to it, it’s a lot more comforting to be with someone than to be alone. Even though I have my roommate, we have a plan with other friends in our building too that if the electricity goes out, we all stay together. Power in numbers is a good thing here.

9. Have fun! You may not be expecting this, but if you worry too much, it’s just going to make you miserable while you ride this storm out. Relax. By now, you’re prepared, and with people so there’s so reason to have a hurricane party! Open up that wine, eat those baked goods you made (or purchased), play board games or cards if you lose electricity or read with your flashlight. At the end of the day, it’ll pass and everything will be ok 🙂