late summer salad

by sweetonwallstreet

August is one of my favorite months for the farmer’s market. While it’s hot outside, it also means that most fruits and vegetables are at their peak making the tables stretch long with the brightest colors you’ll ever see. However I will say that red, orange and purple, green are my favorite colors during this time. Why? To start, heirloom tomatoes come into all of those colors. They are my vice, obviously, during the summer.

For orange, peaches are on top. Messy, sticky and sweet, there’s really nothing better than to bite into a ripe peach and have the juices just spill out… and green? Ok, so that may not have been as creative as the first too, but can we just talk about all the different greens that all available? From pea shoots and baby lettuces to more succulent curly kale to swiss chard, you can make so many great things with these peak items and for not a lot of money (which is personally my favorite when under a budget.

After a walk through the market, I picked up some curly kale which while curly had a loose, lighter feel to it. Thinking of what I had at a apartment, this salad became a quick and delicious way to enjoy a Friday afternoon.

Massaged Kale Salad with Tomato and Peach (Serves 2)

1 bunch of kale

2 tomatoes

1 peach

2 ears of corn

about 6 roasted baby beets

2 teaspoons dijon mustard

2 teaspoons honey

1 tablespoon red wine vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

1. In a bowl, mix the dijon mustard, honey and vinegar together. Season salt and pepper to taste. To mellow the dressing out, you can add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. I don’t just because I love my dressings a little zippy, but it’s just based on preference.

2. Tear the leaves off of the kale stems and wash cold water to get any dirt or grit from in between the leaves. Spin dry (or pat with paper towels) and add to the dressing mixture. Massage for about a minute to get all of the flavor  into the kale. Let sit for about 30 minutes until it slightly wilts.

3. While the kale is relaxing, cut the corn kernels off of the cob. (PS: save the cobs if you have room in your fridge. There might be another recipe coming up to use them 😉 )

4. For the rest of the vegetables, dice the tomatoes and slice the peach and beets into wedges.

5. When you’re done slicing the rest of the ingredients, your kale should be ready so just top the kale with all of the yummy things you just cut. Toss. Add salt and pepper if necessary.

6. Serve! I had this after I tried the padron peppers which I was very happy about since the peach and tomatoes were very cooling as the beets and kale were mild and earthy to balance the heat.

Yum! and I promise, the combination may sound weird, but it just works. Thank you summer!