the good batch

by sweetonwallstreet

The thing I love most about going to the markets isn’t the food. It’s fabulous and of great quality, but the best things are the relationships I have made with some of the vendors. I could make a list of my friend who make the best _______ in my opinion and maybe I will one day, but for now let’s talk about my friend, Anna.

Anna, the owner of The Good Batch, is mainly known for her Dutch stroopwafels, a thin waffle-like sandwich cookie, in both classic and cocoa flavors, but she also makes 2 other kinds of cookies. Oat chocolate chunk with sea salt are not a substitute for a classic chocolate chip cookie, but one that’s hearty from the oats, sweet from the chocolate with a salty crunch on top. Honey bears are also hearty from their oat and peanut butter base, but filled with honey and peanut butter making this dairy-free cookie a comfort food.

However, at Smorgasburg on Saturday and the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday, you do not want to miss out of one of her gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Using her cookies as a base and Adirondack Creamery ice cream, these are one of the best treats I’ve found to help cool down under the summer sun.

Have I mentioned that I like ice cream?

This weekend, the options were the goodwich (her spin on the classic with vanilla ice cream and fudge between oat chocolate chunk cookies),

the hazelnut heartbreaker (chocolate chocolate chip ice cream, hazelnut buttercream and crushed hazelnuts between cocoa stroopwafels),

and the cherry bomb (vanilla ice cream and bourbon-soaked cherries between cocoa stroopwafels).

While the goodwich is my favorite, I did try all of them and you truly can’t go wrong… and when I mean try, I mean I ate a goodwich and 1/2 of the other two. I didn’t want to steer you wrong 😉

If you’re in NYC or Brooklyn, head over and say hi to her and her fiance, Steve, one weekend and try them for yourself. Let me know what your favorite is.

If you’re not in the city, but want to try her cookies, please visit her website and order them here. You won’t be disappointed!