New Amsterdam Market’s Ice Cream Sunday

by sweetonwallstreet

Ice cream is one of my many food vices. I have a lot of them, and no, I’m not sorry for it, but I honestly, I can’t get enough of the cool, creamy delight that’s only made of a few base ingredients and comes in so many flavors.

Especially when you go to an event like this and see what the many talented ice cream makers are thinking up. Remember when I tweeted that I made corn ice cream? Well that recipe is coming up this week and while it sounds odd, there were 3 places this afternoon that had corn ice cream! 3!

With so many to choose from, my 10 tickets went by quickly, but I’ll recap some of my favorites.

Oh, and the winner? Hay ice cream from Early Bird Cookery. I told you the creativity of these vendors was amazing! I did try it and it was interesting, but in a good way. Earthy and somewhat floral, it was sweeter than you’d expect.

My favorite though was the beet and goat cheese ice cream  beach plum and nectarine sorbet  chocolate cippolini onion ice cream ricotta lemon ice cream from The Bent Spoon. I just love cheese in ice cream.

Gabrielle of The Bent Spoon makes the best ice cream in the most creative flavors. Some that you’d turn your head about- um, chocolate cippolini onion?- but she finds a way to make it taste so craveable. For instance the onions are slowly caramelized for a more molasses-like sweet flavor than a bitter taste and complements the dark chocolate perfectly.

Plus, she’s so nice and passionate about her flavors, even picking beach plums herself for the sorbet. I’m so glad I got to meet her after being a fan of their ice cream from past markets and tweeting with her.

Another worthy mention is La NewYorkina. Now I’m partial to her because she works in the kitchen that I help at every week so I know her personally, but spinning her own Mexican heritage yields some pretty fabulous flavors. The piloncillo was a sugar base ice cream with roasted peaches. Think local, summer and a burnt sugar creme brulee. Mmmm!

Two other great flavors were the peach lavender from KINGLeche Cremes and the mint chocolate chip from Blue Bottle Coffee. The peach was sweet with a floral flavor of the lavendar, not too overpowering, but light and refreshing. It’d be perfect after a great summer meal, sitting on a terrace overlooking the water… if you have access to that kind of thing.

And while mint chocolate chip isn’t the most creative, let me tell you, real mint ice cream is so much better than the green commercial stuff many of us grew up on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still eat the green stuff (ok, I really haven’t in a long time, but we won’t tell anyone), but the fresh chocolate mint from Lone Acres Farm and the bitter Mast Brothers chocolate was the childhood flavor you’d want as an adult.

Thank you so much to all the vendors for coming out today. I was truly in heaven talking with you all, learning and tasting your products.

Thank you to the New Amsterdam Market as well for putting on this event. I can’t wait until next year’s!