the BIB party hosted by Food52 and Eater

by sweetonwallstreet

Monday night I did take a little break from cutting and pasting to attend en event hosted by Food52 and Eater… because if not, I probably would have thrown them out of my 16th floor window 😉

For those who don’t know, Food52 is a website founded by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs that has created a community of homecooks and their recipes. There’s a lot of inspiration on that one website and it’s fun to see other food bloggers participate and win challenges for their website cookbook.

The BIB contest, which they partnered with Eater, was to bracket and showdown the 16 most talk about restaurants that opened in 209-2010. Judges were from a variety of backgrounds including writers, musicians and others in pop culture so while they may have heard of the restaurant, they were going there with the eyes of a “normal customer,” but who appreciated food.

Last night’s party was to announce the winner, which can be found here, but to also showcase LTO‘s space, some of the participating contests food and to preview Leah Cohen‘s, of Top Chef fame, new restaurant expected to open in the next 6 months or so.

While the break was needed and the food was wonderful, I’m always amazed at how friendly the food community is from people who are just started out in the industry, like me, to editors, chefs and restauranteurs. We all come together with one common passion and in a short time, make easy friends and contacts. Perfect evening!

the room was all the way in the back

scallop with asparagus in a curry sauce from Kin Shop

Cohen's dish was "grilled pork neck, watermelon, chicharon, lime-chili fish sauce"

I loved the brick walls