a perfect saturday night with beer and ice cream

by sweetonwallstreet

Last night was Steve’s Ice Cream pint mash up and it was definitely a success. I got there early (around 6 pm) for free mini scoops of the new flavors and ended up staying another 5.5 hours just talking to friends, meeting vendors, learning about beer and eating. That’s what I call a good night!

Since this party was debuting their three new flavors, let me introduce you. Yes, I tried each one, but the verdict is still out as to which one is my favorite. I’ll let you try and decide for yourself.

Let’s start with the Beer and Pretzel Caramel ice cream made with Sixpoint beer and a beer and pretzel caramel swirl from Liddabit Sweets. I will say that I am a little biased to this one only because Jen and Liz are friends of mine and these caramels in particular are one of my favorite products of theirs (after the caramel popcorn and passion fruit candy bar), but the ice cream is smooth with a hint of malt and the pretzels, not soggy, added a contrast with a salty crunch.

With beer flowing continuously through the night, you could definitely feel a buzz, but even I felt one just after one bite of this new flavor.

The Porter Maple Pecan is a tad firmer than the other flavors, but again like the pretzels, the nuts add a great contrast to the boozy the base. Ok, ok you’d never get buzzed off of this ice cream, but you can definitely taste the alcohol. The one downside was that I didn’t really taste the maple flavor so if you’re looking for it, you might not find it. With or without it though, this flavor will be sure to please… oh, and it’s vegan too!

The last one is one I’ve tried before at the New Amsterdam Market when it was in it’s test stages and if there are any choco-holics reading right now, this is the flavor to watch for. A base that’s unmistakably chocolate (don’t you hate items that claim to be chocolate flavored, but hardly taste as such?!) with large chunks of Ovenly chocolate cake… let’s just say this might be a staple in my freezer.

Thank you Steve’s Ice Cream for hosting such a fun event! I can’t wait until these flavors come out on August 22nd!