an affirmation

by sweetonwallstreet

As I’m getting ready for a fun time at Steve’s Ice Cream’s pint mash up, I wanted to introduce you to a practice that I’ve recently participated in- intenSati. If you’re not familiar it, it’s an aerobics-like classes where you say positive affirmations for different moves. The idea is that as you’re speaking, you start to truly believe what you’re saying, surrounding yourself and your neighbors with positivity and opening yourself to change, love and empowerment.

Missy introduced me to this practice during BeFit Week this past June and ever since, I’ve gone to two other great workshops. The last one was on Wednesday night and called “Love your body, Move your body.” If you’ve followed me before, you know I have quite a history with food and exercise and while my recovery has made me for appreciative of food and how strong my body is now, we all have moments where we’re uncomfortable in our own skin.

This class had a great affirmation that I wanted to share with you to start off your Saturday. Have a great weekend!

I am open to change

I am committed to grow

I am choosing LOVE

I am letting GO!

I’m loving every inch of my body

I treat myself with respect

It supports me, it works for me

What I give is what I get!

I am proud of this body

I’m workin’ what I’ve got

I am the Master of my Fate

I am here to CELEBRATE!