by sweetonwallstreet

Hi everyone!

If you followed my past blog and then seen me bounce around, I apologize. This past year as been great, but full of a lot of twists and turns. I’ve still been writing, but more for myself and not always the most positive, but such is life, right?

Since being in NYC, I have really found what I love, what fills me with joy and what I continually talk about. A lot of it is surrounded by with food, but also finding that balance between that, nutrition, fitness and where  or who it’s sourced from. That’s you’ll find here.

You’ll find some recipes because the kitchen is my favorite spot in our apartment creating from what I’ve found at the market or in my CSA box.

You’ll find some information on nutrition since fueling our bodies well is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

You’ll find the balance between exercising and eating my weight in dessert… because as much as I love feeling strong, I also live by one of my chef’s mottos: workout hard to eat hard! 🙂

You’ll see profiles on local businesses and farms. Not only do I love the farmer’s markets and truly making a connection between where my food is coming from, these people have also become my friends.

You’ll find information on local, NYC food related events or classes. From food pairings like cheese and chocolate to panels talking about PR in the restaurant business, I love to just learn whatever I can about the industry and can’t wait to share my finding with you.

Oh, and you’ll also just find days full of pictures because honestly, food is just beautiful.

That’s sounds like a lot and it is, but it’ll give me a wide range to connect with all of you and hope you enjoy my adventures… and the sweetest pleasures… too.

Talk with you soon! xo.